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Traditionally, Valentines day Daytime is a time to celebrate love. It includes different meanings in different parts of the world. All over the world, it is a commercial holiday, when in other countries, it is a day to celebrate a friendly relationship.

At the center Ages, Valentine’s started to be associated with loving love. In England, it was also popularized by a poem by Geoffrey Chaucer. The poem described hens choosing mates. The birds had been later employed as signs of Valentine’s Day.

A Roman celebration called Lupercalia also possessed some union with Valentine’s Day. Lupercalia was obviously a fertility festival that was held in February 18. It was as well the start of spring. During Lupercalia, lovers were paired off by lottery, and fertility rites were performed.

Relating to legend, Valentine’s Day may have been based on the festivity. In 270 CE, a priest named Valentine was executed. He previously secretly betrothed several Roman troops, and was jailed for it. The priest also aided Christian believers in getting away Roman prisons.

The Roman Chief Claudius II, who was questionnable, prohibited marriages among soldiers. He believed that the single man tends to make a better enthusiast. Regardless of this, Valentine extended to marry couples in secret.

After his death, Valentine was imprisoned. Valentine was later beheaded. Another St Valentine aided young Christian couples in their relationships. Eventually, Lupercalia was converted into a Christian holiday.

The first commercially published Valentine’s Control cards appeared in the mid-1800s. Greeting cards were typically decorated with hearts or cupid, and sometimes included a sentimental passage.